We've always loved the great historic ballads that Wanigan writes and every time we play the Valley Bluegrass Stage together, we talk about doing a joint performance.  Well, sometimes you just have to DO IT!  So on Feb 25th, 2017, we will be bringing you an evening of story songs and ballads, some originals, and some we've hand-picked for their historic legends of the Northwest.  You'll hear some stories you didn't know and some songs about incidents you may have heard in passing.  We'll pass the songwriting torch back and forth between Wanigan and Beargrass.  You're sure to be delighted!


Well, for the past year, BEARGRASS  had an all country line-up.  Last year marked the  end of our work as a 4 piece band. It seems like a good time to make some changes so BEARGRASS returned to  working as a duo. We'll play country dances and use our  drum machine for those.  And we'll be playing more concerts, fairs, coffee shops and festivals with originals and folk/bluegrass and country songs.   We'll miss the full 4 pc sound but we'll be traveling more and scheduling will be more flexible.  Watch for Kendall in other country bands around the area.  He's bound to be in demand for his pure clean country drumming! 



Beargrass is the husband-wife team of Shayne and Alane Watkins.  They have a strong background in classic country and can keep the dancers on the floor all night  with a delightful mix of two-steps, cha-chas and waltzes.  In addition, they charm the coffee house  and festival crowds, blending folk, country and bluegrass  with strong harmonies and Shayne's intricate mandolin and guitar work.  They've been called the best country dance band in the valley by KRLC DJs.  Radio stations as far away as Chicago have been playing their music. They have been performing since 2000 all over Idaho, and in Washington, Oregon and Montana for fairs, rodeos and dances.  Let BEARGRASS take you back to when music was good, clean, FUN!